Saturday, December 10, 2011

wishing i could be this cool. with long hair



absolutely loving my long hair.
now if i can just figure out what to do with it
oh the possibilities

p.s. i swear its getting thinner and idk why. Is it because i'm in freezing dry weather or is this the point where i should freak out and start taking hair grow vitaminss.....

A very crafty little Christmas

So i just want to explain two things.

First I am not a crafty person.  I'm the girl that gets glue all over her fingers and her hair and color in the lines.

And second that we did this using only this hemp twine, 2 old books, brown wrapping paper, scissors, glue, tacks and balloons.  We are but poor college students and we tried out bestest.

We may or may not have cut out five hundred snowflakes.
It was marvelous.
We made them into garlands using hemp twine, and just  made dangly things out of them covering our living room and kitchen.  It was a
Winter Wonderland!

Here's what we made:

Paper Star How To
 Also we made these lovely  Twine Ornaments
Snowy Balloon Ornaments
  Ours turned out a little differently. we just did hemp with no glitter.  We just really wanted it to look more neutral. For all of our snowflakes we just bought two books from a thrift store and used that for paper for our snowflakes.  The printed paper snowflakes looked really nice against our white walls.  We just hung everything either in just strings or garlands and hung them up from the ceiling or wall corners.

And then just because we thought it looked so snazzy we threw a party!
Under the mistletoe

I swear there were a lot of people there. We have yet to get our hands on the camera. 

Christmas crack?

Oh happy friday.  We made it through it and i can't hardly believe it and that may be because my brain is now non functioning after an overload i think it blew all the brain circuits poof.

This week has been pure chaos.  There is no snow  on the ground and yet I swear its always under ten degrees. Its so strange that the sun is out but your breath is all frosty and misty in the mid-afternoon. Crazy Winter.

happy note I am about done with the hard part of finals.  And we had the most wonderful Christmas/goodbye party...

we went balistic on Christmas crack and had snowflakes coming out of our ears and paper confetti flying everywhere from our mad crafting skills. And it turned out so lovely we decided we just had to have people over. I'll write all about it tomorrow when my eyes are open.

This week

Rexburg is beginning to look like Christmas but oddly with no snow.

We went to the most wonderful Thrift Store and had the most wonderful finds!
Of course after the bash we had to prepare for the all nighter and next day of final projects with highly caffeinated beverages. Thanks Horks your the best.
we such smart students.

do you like my purply purple marshmallow coat? Isn't is just fluff?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

coming out of the turkey coma

This may seem a little late but for some reason i seem to be still suffering from turkey after effects.  its making my brain sleepy, my body sleep and its just no fun.  I am in a funk and from what i gather i am not the only one.  Coming back to school and trying to find motivation to finish out the semester is turning out to be a whole lot trickier than i thought.

But in spite of all this doom and gloom i certainly have found my christmas spirit.  I find myself humming i'll be home for christmas and it manages to keep me afloat. 

Now being poor college students, and being the non artsy always busy type student, in the year we've lived in this apartment it has remained undecorated at all times.  Our bare white walls and the questionable furniture that came with the apartment are all that greet our visitors and rather than saying welcome it usually just says bleh. 

Well this will be no more.  With three weeks remaining we've decided to decorate and let me tell  you we have snowflakes coming out of our ears and there's little paper confetti covering the floor.  But its like christmas therapy around here and its wonderfully festive and when its done its going to be grand!

my friend showed me this song last night and now its on repeat forever

Monday, November 21, 2011

Favorite Holiday Movie #1

"What is Christmas with no snow?"
I can't count how many times I've watched White Christmas. When I was a little girl it didn't matter if it was July or December. Me and my sister would put it in, we knew all the words, dancing around the living room singing along in the fluffiest skirts we could find.  
 "When what's left of you gets around to what's left to be gotten, what's left to be gotten won't be worth getting, whatever it is you've got left." Great dating advice."

There were never such devoted sisters!

I can't tell you how much I love love love this movie! It makes my heart so happy!
I love every single song and every single scene. 




Your Love Done Me Wrong
Love this dress and her honey voice. 
I've always been so jealous. 

Curl up with some hot cocoa. and its heaven.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Count your blessings Sunday

Things I'm grateful for
  1. my crazy family.
  2. good friends.
  3. gigantic, warm, snuggly quilts
  4. books
  5. chocolate
  6. leaves
  7. wool socks
  8. gold nail polish
  9. computers
  10. there is no snow. knock on wood.
Things I may be dreading
  1. My 5 page research paper on Global Climate topic that I haven't started that's due tomorrow.
  2. The fact that I feel like Christmas is still forever away!
Things I'm loving
Deena & Ozzy Glitter Wedge Boots
Etsy Silver Bow Ring
Handlebar Mustache double ring
Retro Owl Pendant
Lavender Sailor Dress
Vintage Babydoll Dress

    Saturday, November 19, 2011

    bike lanes, tofu, and velvet

    All right first of all tofu is gross, just to get that out there right away.  It is always squiggly. no excuses.
    Bikers are crazy, they swerve and I feel like I'm going to hit them, and I yell at them, but they are just so cool i can't stay mad.
    And i'm in love with velvet. I have two velvet dresses. Don't worry I promise they are wonderful.

    All I want for Christmas is my two
    front teeth

    I had to use so much self restraint not to buy all the books at Powells, and not to buy all the yummy chocolate desserts at Whole Foods.

    I felt like I could've sat on a bench for hours and just people watched this whole afternoon and I may have even been more tempted to do so if not for the unusually cold weather.  I just love how different everyone is here, it makes me so happy. Everyone dresses so interesting. No more bedazzled jeans, and buckle tees with uggs. Can I get a glorious hallelujah!

    I saw velvet, and so many cool boots i wanted to steal them all, and wonderful thick scarves, and a beautiful poncho, some capes, oh people of Portland you give me hope and yet at the same time I'm not sure what to think of you.